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Happy Black Friday Everyone!!! We hope you all had a wonderful day of thanks yesterday and are able to relax for a nice, long weekend with your loved ones. And don’t forget to stop by SKD Studios kitchen, bath, interior design and remodel in Orange County Newport Beach California in Southern California tomorrow for great Small Business Saturday deals!!! Today we want to stress a very important topic to us here at SKD Studios. We have touched on it before, but we really want to give you all the details and facts about factory finishes on cabinetry. And yes, factory cabinets are completely custom, with the upper-hand on the unbelievable finishes. There is just no comparison. A big thank you to Dura Supreme for the following article and images to express how important it is to receive a factory finish! So please read this article by Dura Supreme on the factory finish process. You can also check it out on their website at www.durasupreme.com. 
When planning your kitchen, the durability of the finish is an important consideration since the finishing process is vital to ensuring the durability of your cabinetry.  At Dura Supreme we understand that our finish is a critical part of the overall beauty and quality of our cabinetry.  Our state-of-the-art finishing system enables us to create finishes that are unmatched in beauty and durability. 
Dura Supreme has made a significant investment in our finishes because we know it is the first thing our customers notice and appreciate about our cabinetry and the durability of our finish is what keeps our cabinetry looking new and beautiful long into the future.
A meticulous sanding process, dust free environment, hand wiped stains and catalyzed conversion varnish topcoats are just a few of the key elements in creating a durable factory finish.


At Dura Supreme we manufacture our own wood doors in house, which gives us complete control over the quality of the wood used and its moisture content.  In addition, manufacturing our own doors allows us the opportunity to edge-stain the center panel inserts of our doors prior to assembly which eliminates any raw wood from being exposed on the center panel due to the normal expansion and contraction of wood.
Spraying Edge Staining
Spraying Edge Staining


A dust free environment is critical to achieving a beautiful and durable factory finish.  Our finishing area maintains positive pressue at all times, which means that there is constant air being pushed out of the environment so that other dust and particles can’t find their way in through doorways or openings.  Most smaller shops cannot affort this type of dust control, and it is not possible with a job-site application.  You can feel the difference of a factory finish produced in a dust free environment.
Our stained finishes are applied with an air assisted spray system and then wiped by hand.  Hand wiped stains offer an unbeatable clarity that enhances the natural beauty and grain of the wood as opposed to stains that lay on the surface and mask the beauty and character of the wood.
Spraying StainOne of our finish technicians spraying stain on a tall end panel.
Wiping GlazeHand wiping our stains after being sprayed enhance the natural grain and beauty of the wood.
Spraying - PaintWhite paint being sprayed on a drawer front.
Spraying GlazeGlaze is being sprayed on a cabinet door.
Wiping GlazeOne of our finish technicians hand wiping the glaze to create a rich color and depth.


Dura Supreme’s color palette is expansive and fashion forward.  We offer hundreds of different stains and paints along with glazes and special finish collections that are hand detailed.  Our finish artisans have an incredible eye for color and detail and are trained to render beautiful factory finishes with special artistic techniques.
Hand DistressingDrawer fronts are being hand detailed and distressed prior to finishing.
Hand DetailingOne of our finish artisans hand detailing a cabinet door.
Rub-ThruAdditional hand sanding is needed to create Dura Supreme’s Paint/Glaze/Rub Thru finishes.
Rub-Thru MoldingEven our moldings receive the same hand detailing as our doors and drawer fronts.


Dura Supreme uses a catalyzed conversion varnish for our seal coat and topcoat which is significantly more durable than the lacquer-based finishes used by many local cabinet shops.
OvensCabinet components travel through ovens to accelerate the drying process.
Baked on FinishesThese ovens use high-powered lights to “oven bake” the finish and top coat.
Oven baked on finishesDrying before applying the next layer assures maximum adhasion.


All Dura Supreme cabinetry products are backed with our limited LIFETIME warranty – your assurance of exemplary quality and a solid investment!
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