Corona del Mar and Island designs…

The islands…

Just like on vacation, the kitchen is no different, there is no better place to hang out.  No matter what size it is big or small it is always the most crowded place in the kitchen.  When designing a kitchen in Corona del mar or Newport Beach one of the most important elements is the kitchen island.  Clients always want one and we love to add them.
Islands are a great place for storage, food prep and eating areas.  Some of the questions that people have regarding the island design are:
1.  Can it be a contrasting color?  The answer is YES!  this is a trend that we are still seeing in island designs.  A good rule of thumb is that if the island cabinetry is contrasting then the top should be the same.  The exception to that is if the top matches the island to create a furniture look.  The bottom line is that we don’t want the kitchen to look like a showroom.
2.  How much space do I have to have in my kitchen for an island.  The answer is simple, the rule of thumb for measurements is simple.   36″ is the minimum required for  walking space between an island and adjacent cabinet run.  42″ is the minimum between 2 work spaces.  Work spaces being a sink across from an oven/range.  This is the minimum requirement but 48″ is the best if you don’t want to be butt to butt with another cook in the kitchen.
3.  Is it best to have a single level island or a raised bar?  The answer to this is one of personal choice.  We usually suggest that if there is a range top in the island than a raised bar is a good idea to keep bacon grease or other splattering  from your guests that are eating.  If there is a sink in the island and you want a single level, we suggest that you add to the overhang behind the sink.

All in all an island is a wonderful addition to the kitchen design and we at SKD Studios strongly believe that if you have the space – get an island!

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Just for Fun – Here are some CRAZY island designs to get you inspired!

How about a fish tank in your next Corona del Mar island.

Crazy shapes and colors make this island stand out.

a circular island is pretty convenient if you have the space.

Happy Decorating!