Corona Del Mar Top Interior Designer SKD Studios Shows How to Change Up Material Use

Hey Corona Del Mar!

So we all know where certain materials are ‘supposed’ to go, but what happens if we put those materials in different places. SKD Studios interior designers in Corona Del Mar can tell you, AMAZEMENT! By switching up where you think materials should go, and placing them somewhere else, changes everything and can create some amazing looks corona del mar!!!

For instance, wallpaper on the ceiling! We LOVE to do this!!! It adds a fresh and interesting element to any space. You can pull off this fun look ANYWHERE Corona del Mar!!

Instead of just having pebbles on the shower floor, how about the entire bathroom floor!!!! Such a fun look!!!!

Those amazing tiles, try them on the ceiling next time! They showcase just as beautiful!!! The ceiling can easily get overlooked as a place to put material, and it always turns out amazing when done!

How about something new for carpet??? This one was just for fun!!!I mean, you never know when amazing style will come before you. This could work for some, but this was to merely show you how a fully carpeted room looks, and yes, it has been done Corona Del Mar!!! 🙂 

Finally, one last little trick. Take that hardwood flooring and make it hardwood wall’ing’. It looks amazinggggg!!!! We have an amazing wall using hardwood flooring in our studio which you should definitely come and check out!!! It looks pret-ty good!! 
So Corona Del Mar, come check out the interior designers at SKD Studios at 3415 Newport Blvd Newport Beach, CA 92663! We have tons of ideas and the showroom is something that you have GOT to see!!!! Check out our website at for even more on our designers, previous projects, and MORE!!! We are ready for you Corona Del Mar!!!! 🙂