Daring Black Walls

Using black for interior walls may sound crazy….but believe it or not Black is a neutral – and like all neutrals it will work with almost any decor. I would not suggest using black on all of your walls, but using black on a single wall will make a huge statement.

Recently my 10 year old daughter Taylor said that she was tired of her “surf girl” room and she wanted an “art” room. An art room? Sounds reasonable…..she wants to put all of her art work up on the wall and she also wants to use the walls as her canvas (but, i draw line there)! Anyways, I know that black is a great backdrop for art studios and the reason is, is that it doesn’t take away from the art. I think one daring black wall filled with beautiful bright colored artwork framed in beautiful gold gilded frames produced by my favorite artist will be fabulous!!

Remember one thing when it comes to black paint…..not all blacks are created equal. My favorite paint of all time is Benjamin Moore http://www.benjaminmoore.com/ they have a new paint this is called the Aura Paint and the colors are amazing, the paint is thick and rich and best of all, the Aura paint is Green – meaning it meets or exceeds the criteria for the green promise…….this paint has low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and it is mold and mildew resistant, which would make it perfect for the bathroom. Just be prepared the Aura paint runs about $65.00 a gallon, but the paint goes on so smooth that one coat is all you will need!

So, don’t be scared to be daring with your paint colors and remember that neutrals come in many different shades – I will keep you posted on Taylor’s room ; )