Decorative Accessories………

At SKD Studios we will carry a wide selection of decorative accessories for both the home and garden. Accessories for the home are like jewelry for an outfit. If done correctly you can showcase many many different items in different styles and colors. A good rule of thumb is to group your accessories to “like” items. If you have a collection of beautiful glass urns or blown glass bottles, group them together to make a bigger statement.

Another rule of thumb is to group you items in odd numbers. A group of 3 items or 5 items is much more appealing to the eye than a pair or 4 candles – odd numbers just seem to work better and placement is much more appealing.
When grouping items together, remember to vary your heights. Big items in the back, or use other props to raise the heights of some of the objects to give more interest.
Some of our favorite accessories at the studio are the glassware that we carry. We have cake plates with beautiful words etched on the glass, we have fleur de lis raised goblets, and too many vases to mention. These items work great in kithen setting in a glass cabinet with a spot light or in the living room bar area. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they are priced very reasonably. You can see the items at our studio located at 11734 Rousby Hall Road, Lusby, Maryland 2067 or go online to and see the whole line of accessories that they carry. The quality of their craftmanship is impecable and all items are imported form France!