Interior Designers at SKD Studios Help Show Newport Beach Interior’s Best Reflections

Hello Newport Beach!

Mirrors are a HUGE accessory to take into account when planning your new interiors with your SKD Studios interior designer in Orange County. No matter what your style is, mirrors need to have a place!

Nowadays, mirrors come in endless styles, so finding the perfect mirror is possible, your interior designers at SKD Studios are up to start the search party! In this image here, this blingy-fun mirror steals the show! It brings all the little aspects of bling together from the studs on the chairs to the chrome bases on the lamps!

Here’s another take of the round mirror. It takes on the shape of a ‘sun’ and commands the interior that its hanging in! All you can do to a gold sun mirror is give it the attention it deserves Newport Beach!

This mirror gets very abstract and contemporary. It is truly a statement piece! It looks amaaazing!!! Think outside the box when it comes to mirrors in more public spaces outside of the bathroom. Mirrors don’t have to be rectangular or round, they are a decorative accent!

Here is what is called a ‘sugar mirror.’ These originated in France and use a technique of digital cutting of light and high quality 3mm acrylic mirror glass. They are very easy to hang and clean! 🙂

This never fails either! Make an entire art statement on your wall with mirrors! We LOVE this!!!! This is amazing!!!

Finally, check out this article with tons of images of these truly unique mirrors.

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