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Small Bathroom Designs…One of the best words of advice I can give someone that is about to embark on a small bathroom remodel is to keep it simple.   Here in our Newport Beach Interior Design Studio we find that clients that want to redo their bathrooms have more wants than the space can accommodate.  In Newport Beach the style is becoming more and more modern.  We are seeing sleeker designs and styles that I like to call Beach Modern.  It is a combination of wood tones, chrome and sleek slab doors.  I think the biggest concern for me when I’m designing a small bathroom in Newport Beach from our Newport Beach Interior Design studio is making sure that in the small space the toilet isn’t too close to the tub.  There is no good way to relax in a tub staring at a dirty toilet!

Here are a couple of sleek modern Newport Beach Interior Design bathrooms for you to look at.  Make sure to like our facebook page and visit our website often to get some great design inspiration.  We are located at 3415 Newport Blvd in Newport Beach.  Visit our Newport Beach Interior Design studio to get the modern bathroom of your dreams!

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