Newport Beach Interior Designers at SKD Studios Go GREEN!!!

Goooood Morning Newport Beach!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday morning!!! Today, we want to share how adding some lovely green in your interior spaces can bring that natural, soothing calm to any space! You don’t have to go overboard, or you could, its entirely up to you Newport Beach! Interior designers at SKD Studios are ready to lend a helping hand!

Sometimes the simplest addition of a plant, tree, or floral arrangement can make the biggest impact!
In this interior, it has a very minimalist style. Very clean, with a lot of straight lines and edges. This plant breaks up that formality and brings an earthy, natural addition! It works perfect!!!

This vibrant, yellow interior force brings the large trees to balance out the look. It adds a great flair to break up the yellow consistency. It works so well Newport Beach! This symmetrical style with the natural elements shows amazingly!

The kitchen sometimes simply needs a little touch in a vase on the island and/or the table! In this beachy-fun kitchen, the simply touch of green on the island adds such depth and refreshment to this beach kitchen retreat! SKD Studios interior designers love, love, LOVE this!!

The greens can even be used as a focal point! This succulent wall of wonders is simply breathtaking! We love the additional plants on the floor right next to it. They add even more character to this very modern environment. Newport Beach, SKD Studios can help you!!!!

GO GREEN with SKD Studios and help us bring that fresh, natural elements of the outdoors into your interior spaces! SKD Studios is located in Newport Beach, CA servicing all of Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Newport Coast, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Via Lido, Balboa, and all of Orange County and Southern California. Visit our website at for much more on our full service interior design, and specialties in kitchen and bath design and remodel!
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