Pitt Pollaro a Sexy New Furniture Line


In 2008, Brad Pitt commissioned a custom desk from Pollaro Custom Furniture. Frank Pollaro personally delivered the desk to Brad’s chateau in the south of France. During the installation, Brad and Frank found that they had a common passion for furniture and fine details. They discussed design history and their appreciation of materials, old and new. Most importantly, they shared a commitment to perfection.
During their discussion, Frank noticed a design sketch book on a nearby table. Intrigued by the hundreds of sketches that Brad had created over a ten-year period, Frank encouraged Brad to allow Pollaro to transform his drawings into three-dimensions. Brad enthusiastically agreed to move forward. In reviewing the sketches, they selected what would become the initial pieces of the Pitt-Pollaro collection. In Pollaro’s design department, the furniture was engineered, and the sketches were translated into shop drawings and photorealistic renderings. Brad visited Pollaro’s shop frequently to review the design engineering process, make revisions, and select materials from Pollaro’s museum of rare materials.  Each piece is numbered and signed by both Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro.  The collection is contemporary and sexy.  If you are in the market for a custom 2 person tub hand crafted of marble, this may be the collection for you!    Only Brad Pitt could create a sexy furniture line!  Visit www.skdstudios.com for more design inspiration.