SKD Studios in Newport Beach Orange County Turn it Up with Dura Supreme Weathered Finishes at the Award-Winning Kitchen, Bath, Interior Design Studio

Hey all!

You HAVE to come to SKD Studios in Newport Beach to check out these amazing new cabinetry finishes from Dura Supreme! They are amazing! From Dura Supreme’s website:

Reminiscent of softly weathered wood, our “Weathered” collection of finishes looks as if it has been exposed to years of sun, wind and rain. Like an old drift fence, tumbled driftwood or seasoned barn planks, each of our Weathered finishes portrays wood that has been exposed to the elements.

Our special finishing process raises the grain to expose swirls and patterns with a uniquely textured surface. The surface is then lightly distressed by hand to emulate age and wear. After staining, glaze is applied to highlight the raised grain and then lightly buffed on raised edges and around knots to feature the staincolor below. Because each cut of wood is unique, every Weathered finish is a one-of-a-kind rendition that looks like it has been aged and worn by time itself.
Our Weathered Finish collection includes an array of colors that evoke images of sunbleached driftwood, charred campfires or time-worn dock planks. Choose from a variety of wood species that each have their own charm and character marks, and then select a door style to make it uniquely yours.”

These finishes are AMAZING!!!!! You have to come see for yourself! The textures, colors. and patterns are so unique that you will want to customize your new kitchen using these products!!!
Come to SKD Studios Kitchen, Bath, Interior Design Studio in Newport Beach, California Servicing Irvine, Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa, Newport Coast, Laguna Beach, and all surrounding areas. These finishes are truly a step above the rest and you can get started here at SKD Studios!