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Happy Monday SKD’ers!!!!

This weeks theme is dedicated to all to the cabinetry. The elaborate necessity in every kitchen! Cabinetry standards have changed over and over again throughout time. Nowadays every kitchens’ cabinets should come with some very essential features.

— Key Features Include —

Full Extension Drawers: This allows for one to access the ENTIRE drawer space. You think the few inches in the back that you can’t access are no big deal, well once you have them you know it makes a huge difference.

Soft Close Drawers: This feature brings each door or drawer that is shut to a slow, soft close. No banging involved here. This feature eliminates that loud banging and those cabinet-damaging forceful closes. No more of those. 

Dovetail Drawers: Dovetail drawers are superior to standard drawers because they more securely hold the drawer front and drawer side together, creating a stronger bond that is more durable against wear and tear. This is a ‘must’ for durability in today’s cabinetry standards.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY (especially for our California friends)

Warranty: You WANT a warranty with your cabinetry. Manufactured cabinetry GUARANTEES these warranties. Also, you want your cabinet FINISHES warranted. California laws prohibit many finishes within the state, so the best way to get the finish you want, and a LIFETIME warranty on it, is to go through a MANUFACTURER for your cabinetry. They come just as CUSTOM as a custom cabinet maker. An amazing designer has the power to make your kitchen exactly how you want it! 

So there is your first lesson in cabinetry for the week! What are your favorite cabinetry features? Let us 
know your thoughts!!!! 

Voila!!! A pretty kitchen!!! 🙂
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