Southern Maryland – Are you ready for some Football??

Football Season has arrived, and we know what that means: Fans everywhere are out buying up the “bigger” flat screen TV than they had last season, and attempting to create the ultimate pad to watch the game with friends. However, it seems like these rooms have taken on a stereotypical decorative stance; “the mancave” The “mancave” is more of a dark room in a dark basement with dark upholstery. Why can’t we watch the games in spaces with a little more style? Look at some of these pictures of tasteful, not-too-girly roons to help inspire you to re-think the home game room. Let’s chic-ify football Sundays!
We all know that football parties get crowded. Everyone is standing around the snack table or moving between the beer and chips. Instead of squishing all the furniture together, try to space it out to create walking room. It will prevent your parties from feeling overcrowded, even in a small space.
OK…for the die-hards out there, you may want to brace yourself for this next statement! We’re all just not that into the game (don’t hate!). By creating several functional seating areas, the true fans can get right up close and personal to the TV, while those of us who use these types of events for more of a social hour, can gather elsewhere and talk about the Kardashians!
You know those really cold November games? How much fun would it be to watch those games in a cozy spacious room with a glowing fire beneath the TV to keep you toasty warm? Just another benefit to the chic game room!
Or better yet, if you live in a warm climate…Move the whole room outside! If you’ve got a covered patio that can do the job, there’s no better place to catch the game. Outdoor fabrics and furniture have come a long way to not only tons of functional pieces, they are super fashionable as well.
So, don’t be afraid to turn the “man-cave” into a room that the women in your life would also love to be in. We will respectfully keep he gossip and Kardashian chit chat to a minimum – at least during the plays!
Happy Sunday!!
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