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THE HISTORY OF TOILET PAPER:  a fun little bit of information.

Obviously, toilet paper hasn’t been around forever. We can be pretty sure that those living before the late 19th Century weren’t able to drop by their local Giant stores to pick up a case of Charmin triple-ply, or Cottonelle flush able moist wipes. Rather, the innovation of the roll of toilet paper is a very modern product and convenience, in which today, has arguably become a household commodity.

So then, how did we go from nature’s fruitful leaves to the multiple choices that we are bombarded with every time we enter the tissue section at the grocery store today?

Evidence seems to suggest that original material used in place of toilet paper ranged anywhere from leaves and sticks, to cobs of corn, or linen. It is believed that although the earliest form of toilet paper on a roll wasn’t introduced until 1880, people made do with many various items that stemmed from their environments.

When creating bathroom spaces, we at SKD Studios try to create environments to move people to feel a certain way when they enter the space.  The commode is a necessary item in the bathrooms but one that is not spent too much time on regarding the overall aesthetics of the room.  The toilet paper roll holder, however, is something that we very much consider when designing the space.
We have found some AMAZING ways to cover and hold the unsightly roll of toilet paper!  See below to understand what we mean!

These new found treasures will be sure to make it into our next bathroom design plan.  Although they are pricey, we believe them to be completely splurge worthy!  Make sure to stop by SKD Studios for help with your next bathroom renovation.  visit our website at