Southern Maryland Kitchen bath Interior Design Episode 3

Hey Friends – We had a super fun project to do. It was a serious Design Challenge. We had 2 days and $2200 to completely transform a bathroom. We started out shopping and spent much of our budget on the not so fun stuff; We had to purchase the toilet, the paint, molding, baseboard, plumbing fixtures, flooring, plywood etc.
We were left with about $1500 for the fun stuff. David Daniel and I headed over to Marshalls to see what fun we could find. We were going for an elegant coastal feel. I wanted to update the blue walls and fishy underwater theme they had going on.
Marshalls was great for finding some really great high end coastal accessories. We headed over to Pier 1 and found a great open shelf cabinet that was the perfect backdrop to our coastal accessories.
The project was super fun and we really had a blast doing it. check out our Youtube page below to subscribe to our video and get inspired!