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Designing for a teenager can be a bit tricky. They like what they like and they don’t want to settle for anything else. While they have a need for the design to be stylish, hip and cool, parents have a desire for the room to function as a homework hub, a “hang out” and a great place to send them to get some sleep!
Here are a couple of tips to help you design your teenagers space.
  1. Don’t be afraid to go bold. Chances are if they want black walls or neon pink walls, they have seen it somewhere and know that it will be hip and fun. Paint is easy to change so let them have their way.
  2. Make sure you pick a bedding that is neutral. This way the bedding can be recycled if they get bored of the paint, by adding a few different pillows and some new paint, a year or two later they will feel like they have just had a “make over”
  3. Make sure to plan for the future. Make sure they have a enough storage for their shoes, dresses, sports equipment, etc.
  4. Give them a place to hang out. If space permits, give them a seating area so when friends come over they aren’t all laying around in their sweating gym clothes on your child’s bed. Give them some chairs or bean bags or even a cozy rug to “hang” on.
  5. Lighting – Lighting is so important for late night study sessions or reading. Make sure you provide them with some overhead lighting as well as a lamp or bedside sconce to use for reading.

Make sure whatever you do, you let your teen have some say in their new space. If they are part of the selection they are more likely to “own” the space and enjoy and maybe even keep it clean! hahahaha.

Happy Sunday!

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