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It is light that first enables spatial perception. Above and beyond this, our perception of architecture can also be influenced with light: it expands and accentuates rooms, creates links and delineates one area from another.

Lighting – in my opinion – is one of the most important elements to any interior design project.  Whether your remodeling your bathroom or your dining room; lighting can create a mood, turn your guests’ focus, or provide the necessary hue to perform a task.  At SKD studios we take our lighting seriously!  It is, in most cases, the go to for the “wow” factor in the room.  It is my strong belief that every room needs a wow factor! 

There’s no question that human beings respond to light. Its absence can affect our sense of well-being, and this may be why bright, sunny homes tend to be the easiest to sell. Whether you have an interior designer map out a detailed lighting plan or you choose the do-it-yourself approach, today there are more lighting options than ever before. And the results are always amazing. With an abundance of light in all the right places, even the darkest corner can be transformed

An Acquired Taste

Light can be used to create a specific mood for a variety of functions from studying to entertaining. It can help create a sense of luxury and make your furnishings seem important. I would rather be in an empty room with a great lighting design than one that has the best furnishings and improper lighting. Light is a luxury that people should afford before they buy furniture!

Even if you’re on a limited budget, splurge on lighting installed by an electrician according to a designer’s or an architect’s specifications. Do the shell of your new home correctly the floors, lighting and walls and fill in the blanks later.

We are really excited about the new line of lighting that we will be carrying at SKD Studios.  Make sure to stop by and see what we have coming.  Visit our website to inquire about having us come out and help create a lighting plan that will change the way you view your space. or call 443-404-5686