Walk-In Closets

Are you a fashionista or love organization? A walk-in closet is the answer to all your needs if you are one or the other or both. Depending on the space of the closet, you can design it any way you please. For instance, you can have shelving. hanging rods, drawers, cabinets, or a vanity. We recommend consulting a professional when designing your walk-in closet. Once we can identify the wants and needs of our client, we can efficiently design the functionality of the space to meet their desires. Adding a vanity to a walk-in closet can be very beneficial, because the space will not only be utilized for storage. The closet featured above, is a closet we designed for a client in Newport Coast. With the natural light in the corner, it was an obvious decision to put the custom vanity there. Adding the island in the middle added a flat surface to lay things out and more drawer space.


Project: Stonepine Master Bedroom

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