Corona del Mar Interior Designer Goes Navy

We think 50 Shades of Gray may be enough…Don’t get me wrong, we still love gray for a choice of cabinets in Corona Del Mar, but we are literally swooning over the color NAVY!  I must admit is has become a new favorite of mine.  No other color of cabinets is creating the drama in a room sitting on the beach in Corona del mar than navy blue does.  When it comes to Navy – I think the hue is very important.  To create this really amazing rich hue think dark.  Royal blue just won’t do and baby blue creates a whole different feeling.  We are talking about Deep, Dark, Rich NAVY.  Think black then add a hint of blue.  We are hoping that this trend will soon be seen all over the place.  We are talking with our cabinet companies now to create the perfect shade of SKD Navy and we will bring in the cabinet and show it off in our studio in Newport Beach.  A few things to keep in mind when bringing navy into your space is when you use the colors like we show below it becomes a neutral.  So you can really pair it with almost any color and it will work.  Obviously I love it with white for a crisp clean feeling, but it would also work with a deep red, a light gray, or even a pop of yellow.  So…when you’re ready to re-do that master bathroom or kitchen don’t overlook the amazing color Navy!  Be sure to like SKD STUDIOS ON Facebook for tons of design inspiration or visit our showroom in Corona del Mar and Newport Beach, CA to schedule your in home consultation.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward hearing about your Navy additions to your space in Corona Del Mar, Ca.
Happy Decorating Corona del Mar!