SKD Studios Interior Designers Add a Little Fur, Fluff, and Fuzz to your Friday Corona Del Mar

Hello Corona Del Mar! It is Furry, Fluffy, Fuzzy Friday!!!!

Happy Friday! We are going to bring a bit of fluffy, fuzzy fun today! We want to show you how some furry materials can bring a pop of relaxed comfort and fun style to your space! Fluffy material can still very much add to a high end look. Just look at this image above Corona Del Mar!?? It is utterly amazing!!! Who wouldn’t want to relax and mingle with your friends in this space? We love!

At SKD Studios, the leading interior designers in the industry want to show Corona Del Mar how to bring some ‘relax’ to your interiors! The fuzzy fun may not be for everyone, but adding a little can change everything!

 Some may love the fluffy overload! Fluff on the rug, chairs, and pillows can all be arranged to bring a unified flow to the space Corona Del Mar residents! That obviously could be too much of an extreme for many. How about just a couple of fuzzy poofs then Corona? They sit will and add a fresh layer of depth to any space!

You could even just have a little fuzzy poof to bring character to your interior! 

The fuzz can even be simplified more Corona Del Mar! A simple rug is a BEAUTIFUL addition! Just like paint, keeping the fuzziness in neutral colors will always tame down your statement, but adding to it at the same time. Fuzz looks great with metals and ‘bling’ in the room. Let us tell you that!
Come into SKD Studios at 3415 Newport Blvd Newport Beach, CA 92663. We will help bring some fuzzy fun into your space! SKD Studios is an award winning kitchen, bath, and interior design studio providing full service interior design services and specializing in kitchen and bath design and remodel. Visit our website at and call us today at 949.612.9982. Enjoy! 🙂