Corona del mar Interior Designer SKD Studios creates a fun teen girl bedroom

We had so much fun creating this teen girl’s bedroom.   Our marching orders were simple.  Create a space that will not tire or become to “little girl” in a short time frame, use the color scheme our client selected; grey, pink and purple and make sure it still feels like a girls room without being too girly.  I think we pulled it off.  I love working with teens on their spaces.  They usually either have very specific ideas of what they want or they could care less and just want a place they will be proud to show off to their friends.


One of the key elements of this space was the ANGEL WINGS that we had custom painted.  Our client loves to go into LA with her friends and take pictures in front of the fun wings that are painted on the streets of LA – we made is so that she could take pictures in her room without the traffic.


here is our very own, Valerie posing in front of the angel wings – thanks Val, looking too cute!


Here is a shot of the bed.  Grey tufted headboard with chrome nail heads and our custom bedding in the shades of grey, pink and black.  Notice the swinging chair that was a last minute addition.


Another shot of the fun bed looking through the swinging chair.  Side Note, every teen wants a swinging chair and every parent says the same thing – “you will never sit in it”  we have done several rooms with he chairs and we can attest that all of our girls and boys that have the chairs do actually sit in them and swing.  The key is putting them in a spot that is easily accessible and making them a perfect perch rather than an after-thought that becomes a place to pile things up.
Hope you enjoyed our teen bedroom redo in Newport Beach.  We had a great time with our client and  want to give a shout out to Darlene Hallway Photography for the amazing photos and Keri Powell for the fun angel wings!
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