Newport Beach Interior Designer – Tablescapes

Table Scapes!  At SKD Studios we love a great table scape.  Setting the table is a great way to add a
little style to your dining room.  We are currently working on a couple of dining rooms for our clients
and we find that the room is so under utilized.  When we finish with our designs we like to stage the
room and set the table. We have found that the key to great table scape is mixing it up.  We like to
add layers. What I mean by layering is we use both a table runner and place mats and sometimes
we even layer the plates. I find that picking a color scheme and sticking with it is a good way to make
the table feel cohesive.   Since most of our interior design clients are in Newport Beach or Orange
County we love a coastal table.

Newport Beach Oceanfront Dining Room
Newport Beach Ocean Front Coastal Dining Room


Take a look at the pictures above and you will see that we use a color scheme and added some
authentic sand from the Beach in Corona Del Mar, California.
We used height to add drama with the lanterns and coral and different textures.  Of course the back
drop of the Newport Coastline is fabulous!
Stop in to SKD Studios located at 3415 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach CA to see some of our fun
objects that you can use for your next table scape design.