Home Bars

The last two years our homes became a place of rest, fun, and everything in between. Nights out on the town were replaced by learning how to mix your own cocktails on Youtube. As an interior design studio, we have definitely seen a shift in what clients wanted in their homes. Of course the obvious request is a home office space due to jobs becoming remote, but the trend of entertainment rooms and home bars are on the rise. Depending on your home and the space available your bar can be as simple as a bar cart or bar cabinet. Mixing your own cocktail, in your slippers, with your closest friends at home has become the new night out.

In one of our recent projects a client asked for a home bar that felt like they left their living room couch. We designed this space to be open, clean, and bright. The cabinets and shelving were made by Dura Supreme, which we were able to completely customize the bar wall. The back splash was carried throughout the shelves to add a little drama, and the lit shelves made it pop. Of course we couldn’t do without the framed TV front and center. This project was on the extravagant side of home bars and it seems this trend is continuing in that direction.