Ocean and Sky Blues

Color palette trends come and go in the interior design world. Bright colors to grey tones to neutral tones made its way in and out. Color palettes we see that are remerging into client’s inspirations are; greens, bark browns, ocean and sky blues. Being a native of Newport Beach we derive a lot of our inspo for our designs from the beautiful coast. Our clients who reside in these beach cities along the coast ask for a classic coastal vibe with a dash of modern. Drawing inspiration from the ocean has given us a color palette of dark blues, pale blues, and sandy beiges.

An ocean front project we had the pleasure of designing was a designers dream. Wanting the living space as an extension of the ocean, the blue palette was of course the obvious choice. The deep blue couch replicates the moodiness the ocean can express. The two stripped accent chairs adds a simple pattern breaking up the darker blue. The wall art depicts the transition of the sky blue to the deep ocean blue. The natural indoor/ outdoor rug mimics the sand and adds the neutral element to center the living space. The two square concrete top coffee tables pushed together is ideal for a smaller living space, so it is easy to move around and separate.

This living space depicts the essence of modern coastal keeping the furniture simple and clean while the reef decor adds a kiss of coastal.

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