Modern Vanity

Vanities were born in the 17th century in Europe and were only built for higher society. Now in the 21st century vanities have become so customizable to fit the consumer’s needs. Not only did the demand for extravagant vanities increase, so did the influx of people consuming beauty products. The use of hair care, makeup, and specifically skincare have sky-rocked tremendously in the last 10 years. Beauty influencers have flooded social media with their favorite beauty products causing their followers to improve their own regimens and made the need for storage of these items essential. 
How does this influence the interior design realm? Bathroom designs have become so unique and grown with technology advancing. LED mirrors and towels warming drawers. These are just a couple of bathroom design advancements that our Newport Beach clients are asking for in their bathroom remodel.  Here at SKD Studios we use DURA Supreme Custom Cabinetry, which has helped us make each and every vanity unique to our client. 

The one advancement the beauty industry has helped influence the interior design world, is the skincare fridge. Instead of storing your eye cream and eye pads next to your leftovers in the kitchen fridge, you can cool them right in your vanity. Building cabinet space to insert your skincare mini fridge is now a must have. Work with your interior designer to make sure you have storage for all of  your needs. If you have more than just cosmetics, why not go for a full beverage fridge in your master bathroom so you can store cold beverages as well as your skincare.  Of course this isn’t for every client budget and space constraints can make a big difference in what your final outcome is. But for the clients who take their skincare regimen seriously make sure you think it through when designing your new space. That reminds me don’t forget your SPF!!!


SKD Studios. Project- Hollinwood


SKD Studios. Project- Stonepine


Photo Credit: Warming Drawers from WOLF

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