Newport Beach Interior Design…Coastal Design Ideas for Newport Beach

Newport Beach Coastal Interior Design
Using natural specimens in your coastal designs.  I love the look of these beautiful sea fans by Mirror Image.  They just feel so natural and organic to me.  I love to use them in my designs and bring a coastal feel to any home.  In Newport Beach, interior design is a laid back feel that is the perfect atmosphere for these specimens.
Corona Del Mar Starfish Design
These beautiful pieces are also from Mirror Image. The design is so simple but in a a living room with other coastal colors it would be a perfect fit. This could also be a pretty simple DIY project. The next time you are walking the beach, make sure to keep the shells you find. If you are lucking enough to find a startfish down in Newport Beach or Corona Del Mar and it is alive – put it back in the water, you can easily purchase these online or at your local craft store. they are bleached and ready to hang and very inexpensive. The beauties are on the pricey side but that is because everything Mirror Image does is top quality. Look at the lovely artwork below.
SKD Decorative Accessories Newport Beach
Make sure to stop into SKD Studios to see these and other wonderful paintings and decorative accessories.  We also have beautiful pieces by local artists that are simply amazing.  For you coastal interior design in Newport Beach, Newport Coast and Corona del Mar, make sure to give us a call and let the designers at SKD Studios help you transform your space.  Visit for more design inspiration.  
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