Newport Beach Kitchen Design – Waterjet Tiles

Todays market place is filled with so many options when it comes to tile, it can be hard to navigate. One of the hottest trends today is the art of the waterjet cut tile.
Waterjet is a cutting process using a highly pressurized and concentrated stream of water and cutting abrasives.  This process is used to cut virtually any kind of material into a mosaic design. Waterjet cutting allows stone, glass, metal, or porcelain to be part of an intricate mosaic while maintaining the integrity and strength of the material. Mediterranean showrooms display innumerable concept boards and vignettes demonstrating the beauty of waterjet mosaics from the finest manufacturers in the field.
Although this can be an expensive process, as it is very time consuming the installation process is not as hard as one may think.  These waterjet tiles are usually custom sized and created in large scale pieces and get installed like one giant puzzle.  I would not suggest trying this a DIY if you have no prior experience in tile installation, but a good tile installer should have not issues.
No matter…at SKD Studios

, we LOVE the look of a waterjet cut tile.  My absolute favorites are the tiles that include natural materials such as marble and mother of pearl!  That’s right…Mother of Pearl!  How fun!  Artistic tile does and amazing job of creating some of the prettiest waterjet tiles I have seen.

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