Newport Beach, Orange County. SKD Studios interior design in the dining room!

Are you wondering what you should do for your next project? Trying to figure out what room you can start in to make a fresh change? Why not work in your dining room? The kitchen really is the main place where people gather around to socialize, cook, bake, and entertain, but that absolutely doesn’t mean that you should neglect your dining room.


   Here are some pictures of cool dining rooms from 2013 from ApartmentTherapy. While you might not want your room to look exactly like these dining rooms, you can take a look at some of the elements used to create a fantastic, unique and stylish look in your dining room. Some of the accessories and furniture are so much fun and make the dining room a happy and inviting place that you will want to use again instead of a neglected room. Take some of these ideas and put your own style stamp into your space!

        In your dining room, if you are going to have a rug, get a fabulous rug with an eye catching pattern like in the two pictures at the top. Persian rugs are so intricate and stately, or get one with a bold pattern to pull the whole room together. Either one of those rugs could completely change the way your dining room looks!
      In the next two pictures above, I love the structure of the chairs, the artwork, retro lighting, and pop of bright yellow (Right), you can bring a little garden party inside with those cute black folding chairs (Left).

 In the pictures above, these rooms contain a great amount of amazing texture and detail. The dining room on the left uses a great, glitzy chandelier with miniature black shades, and velvet chairs in a bold emerald green bring in colorful feel with playful (and comfy!) texture!The dining room on the right is very sleek and modern, but I love how it demonstrates that your dining room chairs and table do not have to match! This is shown in other pictures above as well. Allow your self to branch out and mix it up! The last two tables are also amazing! I love the natural hue and how you can see the grain and character of the wood. Finally, a dining room isn’t complete without a fun set of of dinnerware! If you came to our last tag sale, you saw how fast the beautiful coastal-themed serving and dinnerware sold!

Now that you’ve got some ideas in your head to think about, it is time to set up an appointment with SKD Studios to make your dream space come true! Let us help you design an amazing dining room space where you will want to entertain your family and friends as much as possible! Turn your room from an un-used room with out of date pieces into a fun, social space where you will certainly want to spend more time! Call SKD Studios today for any interior design needs, whether it be your dining room, kitchen, or designs for all of the rooms in your house!

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