Newport Beach Kitchen Designer Orange County California Time for a Backsplash

Hello everyone!!!

Today SKD Studios Orange County is going to stay in the kitchen and focus on the backsplash! The backsplash is a key component to a kitchen remodel and leaves some room for more needed design detail! Let’s get ready to rip off those ceramic wall tiles and get down to business!

You can really put anything on the wall for your backsplash. It isn’t just waiting for ceramic tiles and leaving it empty isn’t always the way to go.

Glass Tiles are always a pleasant accent that come in limitless options. The sizes, colors, and combinations are never ending.

 Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas With White Cabinets in Kitchen

These two examples show that the tiles can be placed by any pattern, the first vertical and the second horizontal. SKD Studios in Southern California can help you with how to make your backsplash look best!


Countertop can be used for the backsplash as well. Granite for example can be used as the countertop and run right up the walls to the cabinets. It is important to know that this look really depends on the type of granite/countertop. It can tend to take away from the overall look of the kitchen if done incorrectly. And we definitely don’t want that. 🙂

 Wood can be a unique and exciting look for a backsplash as well. Too much wood could overpower, but it’s more that possible to make it work! And when done right, it looking amazing!!
Natural stones are always a classy way to keep the kitchen backsplash. It will always maintain a timeless feel. Here we have a stacked stone backsplash which really showcases that natural feel. Then we have a full white Carrera marble backsplash which just screams elegance!
Remember when we said you could really use anything for a backsplash? Well, that’s absolutely the case. Here we have a backsplash made of rounded metal plates that really makes for a shiny good time! And then, why not have a fish tank for your backsplash? At SKD Studios in Newport Beach, anything is possible. 🙂