Newport Beach Kitchen Remodel

One of the amazing things about living down on the Balboa Peninsula is the amazing homes that are down here.  I could spend my days just riding my bike up and down the street checking out the diverse architecture.  However, by far, one of the coolest features of many of the homes here is their colorful front doors.

It is such a simple thing, but one that makes a huge difference.  It can really make a statement or a pop and down here at the beach, a wonderful pop on the front door is almost a necessity.
Here are some helpful Tips to get your design juices flowing so you can create your own pop!
1.  Make sure that if you select a bright coastal color that the rest of the house is subtle.  Meaning a yellow house with a purple door could be too much.
2.  If you have shutters on the house, be sure to include those as well and think about matching the door color.
3.  Make sure you do proper prep work on the door so that the paint lasts and doesn’t start to chip.
4.  Consider using a top coat to ensure that the door still has integrity and will be protected against the ocean breeze.
5.  One of my favorite paints to use is a lacquer paint that just brushes on and dries with a mirror like finish  It is truly the coolest paint I have ever used.  It is truly magical and you can purchase it online from Fine paints of Europe online.

And as usual the one that makes my heart sing…is the turquoise!  I love it and cant get enough of the color!  Make sure to stop by our new studio that is coming  very soon to Newport Beach  We will be be opening up at 3415 Newport Blvd and we are booking appointments now!… Call today for all of your design help 949-612-9982.  We look forward to meeting you!
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