Trim Moldings in Orange County California Kitchen Design Bath Design Interior Design

People need to know how trim detailing and moldings can drastically change the look of a space for the better. These details will completely change the look and feel of a room. It will also skyrocket the value as well. Take a look at these two rooms…

They are completely empty. Not even a cute baby can make the room appear more inviting. The excitement is just not there. It’s a shame. Obviously they will look more inviting once furniture and accessories are added, but with trim and moldings, these rooms would look amazing with absolutely nothing in them. So let me show you…

These rooms still empty, but with added moldings. They now have a greater amount of depth and character. Paint can go a long way too, but adding the trims and moldings really set a room apart from just a painted wall. Is it possible to have too much molding? Maybe, but molding can definitely be taken even further than this to really explode some detail all over place!

These rooms are completely decked out in some details that bring so much amazement to each! Different styles of trim work, but both are completely empty and manage to captivate!! Moldings can get as intricate as one would like.


The left image shows some curved moldings which are truly amazing to see! These are details that will have everyone talking! On the right is a job that we recently did. We used moldings and trims all throughout the main floor of the home. This is before it was actually completed, but we wanted to show how trim molding recreates a space. Everything added after only makes the room look that much better!! Textured wallpaper on the ceiling and a glorious chandelier never hurt either. 🙂

So before you just start shoving furniture in a room, make sure to give us a call at SKD Studios in Newport Beach California and we will make sure your space gets the love and attention it deserves. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their own home. We know how to make it happen for you. 🙂