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Today we want to help you find your cabinetry style! There are many different styles and we know SKD Studios can help find the best fit for YOU! We at SKD love the coastal style, but we have expertise in so much more as well! To start, we will go over some of the main styles and you tell us which one you lean towards!


The traditional kitchen design style is “warm and classic,” with elements of English and French taste. The traditional kitchen incorporates soft, muted colors: creams, whites, taupes, light grays or greens. The design works best in a room with lots of windows, because if possible the kitchen would likely include a bay window. The focus is on creating warmth and a homey feeling. It’s a design that allows you to mix and match the layers of detail, including color and texture, says Broerman, who lives in a Tudor style home, traditionally designed with granite countertops in the kitchen, wood beams on the ceiling and wood columns framing each side of the stove.


If you prefer to ignore the rules, if you just like what you like, then you might like the transitional kitchen design. A transitional kitchen can be dressed out any way you prefer, blending modern innovation with classic design. Because it may be difficult to pin down a definition, this style is said to be transitioning, on the move or going somewhere. People are often reminded of something familiar when they see it, but they can’t quite place it. Transitional designs are a way to break away from traditional design style rules. One way to do that is to combine finishes, you can have an all-white kitchen, for example, but mix the finishes and details. It may be a trickier style if your not sure what to do. We suggest to just play around with your style by mixing some traditional aspects with other things that you LOVE!.


The contemporary kitchen borrows high functionality and streamlined surfaces from the modernist design movement, but its style often incorporates traditional ideas as well for a sleek but livable feel. Clean and simple is the underlying philosophy for contemporary design.
“contemporary” simply means “in the now.” Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel are fine examples of stores that carry contemporary merchandise. They combine the “cozy” feel while streamlining clean and organized.

There is so many more variations of kitchen styles. You can head over to to read up on more of this information and more design styles. Then you can call SKD Studios to help get your dream kitchen design plan started! Thanks HGTV for all the great info! Now what kitchen style speaks to you? And Pop Quiz, comment on the pictures and tell us what style each of these kitchens are!! We’ll let you know what they are tomorrow! SKD Studios kitchen bath interior design in Orange County California located in Newport Beach, SKD Studios will help you with all cabinetry questions and concerns. It’s what we do best!!!