SKD Studios Award Winning Studio in Orange County Countertop 101

Hello SKD’ers!!!

This week is all about the countertops. From natural stone to man-made material, there are plenty of options. Today we are going to focus on some of the more popular natural stones: granite and marble!!!! Both in which SKDfully support!!!

When it comes to countertops, the leading question is usually, “is it going to scratch or stain?” We understand the concern with wanting to have your beautiful new stone always looking amazing! With that, they are natural stones, they come from down in the Earth. They are AMAZING material. So of course, over time, after an accident, or from whatever, scratches and a slew of other mishaps are possible.

Natural stone is the real deal. In Italy, professional kitchens will have marble installed and then used, beat, and dinged up constantly. They use it and love it. Not saying that needs to happen in your kitchen, but just know that the imperfections truly add to the heart of the stone. And besides, you can always reseal and buff up your stone! 

There’s a tip for the day, now heres some info on some of our favorite stones!


Granite is a igneous rock that contains at least 20% quartz by volume, but also some mica and feldspar. It’s mined from around the world, including quarries in India, Brazil, Norway, Italy and China. The largest granite quarry in the Unites States is located near Barre, Vermont. Granite is probably the most popular natural stone due to a wide price range which depend on the rarity of the stone.


Classic, timeless beauty, and a white brightness not available in granite or soapstone. Marble is softer, making it more prone to scratching and staining { but we already know all about that now.  }. Marble also doesn’t conduct heat very well so it stays nice and cool, perfect for making those pastries. So if you can use a cutting board and a coaster with your mouth-dropping marble, than you will be just fine. 

Here’s some examples of some beautiful granite and marbles!!!!!

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