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It is one of my favorite design secrets!  I love to use trim as a major design element in my design plans for clients.  My theory is pretty simple; in order for  a room to look amazing, it has to have details from the floor to the ceiling.

I think a space should look amazing when it is completely empty.  The only way to make sure that happens is to make sure that there are plenty of details.  We all know that flooring is important and we have all learned that the ceiling can’t be ignored but what about the walls?

Sure the paint color or wallpaper makes a difference but how about the trim.  Builder’s like to cut costs when ever possible, and that usually happens in the trim work.  I have noticed that builders here on the coast go with a more contemporary style and forgo the trim all together.  They even skip the window trim.  I think of the trim work like the jewelry of a room.  An outfit doesn’t look completely put together until you add the jewelry.  Trim is no different.  From the wainscoting on the walls to the bead board on the ceiling; trim matters.

Finding a good trim carpenter and starting with a great plan is key.  We believe that once a room is trimmed out adding other details is easy.  When the room looks great empty a simple sofa can look like a custom piece.  Artwork can really stand out and drapes just highlight the surroundings.

Make sure when you start your next renovation you get with a designer to create a beautiful plan that will include the trim details as well.

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Happy Decorating!