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Hello SKD’ers!

Today is all about color! More specifically, color in your kitchen! The designers at SKD Studios in Newport Beach California Orange County are ready to add some fun color to your cabinetry! Once you get passed the fact that you need to update your kitchen, you need to consider making it everything you ever wanted it to be. We can help you find your splash of color!

Currently, solid painted cabinets are a huge trend and in bright, fun colors in all sorts of variations!

This kitchen has all green cabinets which may seem like overkill, but its possible and acceptable in our time! We need to remember to have fun with our kitchens and ‘do them up’ however we want!
Talk about a standout!!! This red kitchen hits the mark! It is striking and classy all at the same time. It makes such a statement and will catch anyone’s eye in only the best of ways! These colors may be too eye-popping for some, so you can still splash in the color, but in a calmer, less dramatic way.
 This kitchen separates the wall and base cabinets. The yellow base cabinets are such a ‘pop’ but are softened by the crème wall cabinets. Add in the metallic backsplash and this kitchen now provides a classy, funky good time!
This kitchen makes its statement with the island. The blue and beautiful island compliments the dark surrounding cabinetry very well. This kitchen is simply beautiful!
There are countless kitchens with fun color added to the mix. The real question is, what colors do you want to embrace your kitchen! Come to SKD Studios and we can surpass all your kitchen expectations and bring your dream space to life! 🙂