Orange County Interior Designer – SKD studios

When one walks into a room, the first thing you will see are the walls.   Most of the time a mirror and/or a painting will be used to fill the open space.  At SKD Studios, we pride ourselves in using items that will not only bring attention; but also garner much interest and conversations
We love the use natural specimens in our coastal designs.   We love the look of these beautiful natural sea fans, by Mirror Image.   They are so natural and organic, bringing that coastal feel into any home.  In Newport Beach, interior design has a very coastal and laid back feeling, which is a perfect atmosphere for these beautiful specimens.


This beautiful piece reminds me of walking on the beach and coming across a sand dollar.  It brings back memories of strolling on the seashore with my family, early in the morning before the crowds filled the beach.  This beautifully framed piece is something SKD Studios would use to bring brightness and happiness to one’s home, through design.   


This beautifully framed Sea Shell piece below, has the same feel of the seashore.  This is done by bringing the natural and organic specimens that our seashores provide.


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