SKD Studios Southern California Orange County Decorative Accessories Make the Difference!

Happy Labor Day SKD friends, fans, and followers!

Today is all about bringing attention to the details. The polish, the jewels, the bling to the room. Accessorizing a room is sometimes over looked, over done, and over the top (if SKD Studios in Newport Beach, California can get in there and help). It is a whole level of attention that a renovation needs to give the newly space its statement. The little things really can matter. Sometimes too much means overkill. Sometimes the right accessories aren’t in the space which throws off all the beauty that was completed through the remodeling process.

After the teardown, the rebuilt, the paint and the lights, its time for some charm. Items that truly ‘gell’ with the theme of the space. The great thing about accessories is that they don’t have to be super expensive items to make a room stand out. Some of the best accessories are bought at discount stores or even hand made!

The home owner of this kitchen remodel happened to be a collector of the most unique art pieces one could find. She had a large collection that is truly a sight to see. Her art was perfect to add the best touches to her new space. She has plenty to always switch out and showcase which is even better! These one-of-a-kind pieces all have great stories to them which always calls for great conversation in a great space.

This bathroom that we remodeled was dreamt to be a coastal escape, and ohh is it! From the coastal color scheme to the sea-life and shells, this is what we at SKD Studios calls over-the-top amazing!

These SKD projects showcase how fruit and flowers are simple touches that at quite the impact! They always brighten up a space and bring life to the room! -There’s a little feng shui for the day as well! 🙂 Flowers come in a never ending array of options that can balance out any space! Check out how the flowers bring an amazing touch to these kitchen and bathroom remodels we perfected! Fresh fruit on display in a kitchen always brings a cheery feeling to all who enter!

If you are in need of some help with accessories, make an appointment at SKD Studios and come to our new studio to shop for all your accessory needs. We have a ton of beautiful gifts and pieces in studio, and can order ANYTHING! Come check out what you didn’t even know was out there!