Southern Maryland Bathroom Remodeling

Looks like one trend that is not going away is homeowners desire to transform their bathrooms into a spa like retreat. We have been going bathroom crazy at SKD Studios. Each and every project has its own unique challenges. One of the biggest challenges in all bathroom remodels is the budget….The national average for a mid size bathroom remodel is $26,052. This number may be surprising to most homeowners. Of course this number can vary greatly depending on the “luxury” items you decide to add. So when thinking about the master bathroom here are a few trends that we are implementing into some of our designs:

Free Standing Tub Options: we are all tired of the giant tubs and ridiculously dangerous tub decks that builders put in our homes starting in the mid 1980’s. These things are huge water wasters and take up too much space in the room. The new trend is a more free standing tub option and these can still have some of the luxury features that the giant whirlpools had.

larger Showers: The number 1 complaint that we hear from homeowners is that their shower is too small. We are tearing down the small three piece shower stalls and creating a much larger shower. We are doing steam rooms in these showers as well as benches and foot rests as well as two and sometimes three shower heads. Don’t forget the niche for the shampoos and products.

Luxury Products: Homeowners are very savvy now and know what products are out there and want the look of the bathrooms that they see on HGTV as well as their favorite remodeling magazines. Ceramic Tiles and vinyl flooring are being ripped out and replaced with beautiful natural stone. One our our favorites in Honed Turkish Marfil it is a beautiful natural stone that works with any color scheme. We are also foregoing the 12×12 tiles and busy grout lines and replacing them with 18×18 and 24×24 tiles. This is an instant update to the space.

We are also designing many feature walls where the tiles become almost a work of art in the bathroom. Using more natural stone mosaics or glass tiles adds to the design.

Other luxury items our clients are looking for are heated floors, fireplaces, chandeliers and even flat screen televisions….. This is the first room we see every morning, it should look and feel amazing.

One of the best things you can do for yourself when designing your bathroom retreat is to find a professional bath designer. This is one of the hardest rooms in the house to design because the space is so limited. A professional bathroom designer can help you utilize the space and lay out a design with options that you may have never dreamed possible!

Have a Great Week!

SKD Studios