Southern Maryland Interior Design Kitchen and Bathroom!-Bathroom elements!

Hello everyone! 
You can practically feel the breeze in these  bathrooms! If you’re interested in using coastal inspired elements in your bathroom design, check out these cool accessories and ideas! If you saw our last post, you read about the elements of coastal style, so here is an opportunity to see those design tips in action! If you love a light, airy feel with coastal accessories, you’ll love these pictures!
This bathroom has an extremely airy feel, the white counter-tops, the wall, and floor tiles invite sunlight, also you can see the rustic, natural looking chandelier.  Here are some awesome coral shelves! A stylish way to have a place to store your belongings!

Wallpaper has come such a long way! There is no more ripping and tearing, and these days, there is an abundance of patterns and designs (and textures too!) to suit your taste! With wallpaper, you can instantly turn up the style in a way that paint (even in beautiful colors) cannot compare! A light surf green wall paper with branched coral designs are amazing! 

 Having concerns about knowing just where to start and what to do? It can be extremely stressful to sort through the thousands of tile or paint samples that would work in your bathroom. It is important that your bathroom not only look and feel stylish, but also be functional. SKD studios can help you with picking out paint colors, choosing the right tile, and working in accessories to complete the look of your space.