Capitol Hill, DC area, Southern Maryland Kitchen and Bath Interior design: Accessorize with Indoor Plants

       Natural elements are always awesome in the home. An interesting and refreshing way to bring nature in to your home is to use…genuine nature! Bring an indoor plant into your home. It is fun to see the plant grow and let the green of the foliage compliment many other colors of your decor. Indoor plants actually provide benefits for your home. They are pretty to look at-they come in various sizes and structures, and different plants have different color on the leaves and the underside of the leaves. If you like to garden,  bringing nature indoors allows you to garden inside the home. Also, NASA reports that plants are certified to recycle oxygen and improve the quality of the air.

     We talked with a local Master Gardener about indoor plants, and she says that Sansevieria ( also called Mother-in-Laws-tongue), the ZZ plant, and the BanBoo Palm are three plants that can be brought indoors. Mother-in Laws-tongue (or Snake’s tongue) can grow in a low light environment, with low moisture. It is likely to dry out and can take a good soaking.

    The ZZ plant, can also grow in low light, low moisture, and is a very tough plant. It can handle neglect, but you want to keep it out of drafty areas. The BanBoo Palm is also a low light plant and thrives in a moderate moisture environment. Finally, the Peace Lily is a wonderful air cleaner which works in moderate sunlight and loves moist soil.

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