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What does “Custom” Cabinetry Really Mean???

When it comes to cabinetry most people incorrectly assume that “custom” cabinets mean they have to come from a local shop and can’t be manufactured in a factory – nothing could be further from the truth.The word custom is defined as “made specially for individual customers; dealing in things so made, or doing work to order”, so in other words “custom” means you are designing and building cabinetry to suit a specific situation/space for a specific customer/client in a specific home or office.

With more than 50 years experience in manufacturing fine custom cabinetry, we understand the importance of providing products and services that deliver quality, value and reliability. Hand-crafted quality, state-of-the-art machinery, precision joinery and the commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations. Dura Supreme expertly blends modern technology with time tested woodworking practices to create cabinetry with excellence. Excellence in quality, craftsmanship and service.ust in Time Manufacturing

It all starts with the raw materials. At our rough mill, kiln dried lumber is processed into stile and rail stock, panel insert blanks and other solid wood cabinetry components. By processing these materials in house, we gain greater control over the quality and supply of these important building materials.

In addition, at Dura Supreme we manufacture our own wood doors in house, which gives us complete control over the quality of the wood used and its moisture content. This is another detail that sets Dura Supreme cabinetry apart from others. Because we manufacture our own doors we are able to finish the center panels before the doors are even assembled. Most other cabinet manufacturers and local cabinet shops purchase their doors from another vendor and are unable to pre-finish their panels.
Wood is measured for moisture content and it is monitored throughout the production process. Our Master Craftsmen build each piece one at a time using a combination of high-tech machinery with time honored hand craftsmanship. These individual pieces are truly one-of-a-kind.


Many people assume that factory-built cabinetry cannot be customized to fit a specific space or unusual configuration. That is simply not the case with Dura Supreme. Our cabinets can be customized down to 1/16 of an inch in width, height and depth. Now that’s what I call flexibility!  In addition to custom sizing, we can custom quote cabinetry in all sizes and configurations.

With Dura Supreme, there is no compromise between beautiful styling and quality construction. This is the best of both worlds! You will receive precision built cabinets made just for you in all the sizes, oven-cured finishes/colors, and the special shapes that you want, and you will also receive the benefit of long-term experience, high-tech facilities, and hand-finished detailing that custom factory created cabinetry offers.
At SKD Studios we offer Dura Surpeme Custom Cabinetry as well as many other cabinet lines to fit your budget.  Stop by today to have one of our designers create a truly CUSTOM kitchen or bathroom design plan for your home.  Visit our webpage at https://skdstudios.com  today for lots more design inspiration.