DC, Metro area, Capitol Hill, Southern MD, Calvert and St. Mary’s County -SKD Studios Beautiful home renovation interior design with Bead Board!!

         One of the coolest coastal accent details to work with and add to your home is bead-board! The clean lines and fresh look of bead-board always make a room feel like it is in a coastal cottage on the beach! Bead-board can be used on walls, and also on the ceiling. The lines add detail and are versatile for many styles and different rooms. The pictures below show rooms with some of our favorite variations on bead-board!

 On the walls, it creates a very classy, coastal feel, and when you put it on a ceiling, it adds depth and character to the whole room!Bead-board was made with individual pieces of wood that were all placed together to create a striped look. However, now bead-board can come in a panel that covers more space and is typically about 4 feet tall.

 It can be painted white or another color or can be natural wood, amazing either way! Also works with many color schemes. We see it in these pictures with a yellow family room, white kitchen, and even blue or a green bathroom!

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