DC, Southern Maryland Beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom, SKD Studios Interior design-Chandeliers

If you are getting ready to start an interior design project, you are most likely thinking about which pieces are most important to spend your money on. Part of what we do at SKD Studios is help you figure out which pieces are most important and how to best use your money to get the best space for what you need! One way to completely change the way a room looks is to update the lighting! Outdated lights can drag the mood of an entire space down and can distract from a great interior design.

             Lighting is such an important part of any interior design project! If you change the lighting you can make the room look completely different from before. Lighting is just another part of your interior design that can bring the entire look together and add a sense of glamour, class, and refinement to any space in your house! you can see from all of the pictures that chandeliers can go anywhere from the living room to the bedroom, and even in kitchens and closets!


       There are many types of chandeliers to choose from.
You can go with a very structured pendant piece that is like in the picture of the living room above. These look very modern and classy because of the smooth and simple lines.
       You might fall in love with a very traditional statement chandelier like in the kitchen to the right. This chandelier is gorgeous in this kitchen because the dark wrought iron look is unique and it adds a sense of prestige. It is definitely a statement piece, and is sure to catch the eye.
      For a more glamorous, over the top look, you may be drawn toward a classic crystal chandelier! Make your space look instantly fabulous with this shimmering lighting option, trust me, you will never get tired of looking at it!

 We think that the chandelier is absolutely a main piece of your design that you may want to consider splurging on because it will make your space feel instantly more elegant and unique. The chandelier brings light into the room and brings together the style of your interior design!
     Come to our studio and check out our chandeliers! We have access to the hottest styles of lighting and we can make your room look amazing just like you really want! SKD Studios can transform any room in your house into the dream space that you want. Don’t wait any longer to get started with us on your interior design! Work with SKD Studios to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or any space in your home. We can give you the inspiring space you have been thinking about, just make the call today!