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Hey SKD’ers! When it comes to selecting a new countertop, there are tons to choose from that many don’t realize. And we mean A TON! Sure there is granite, (and there are definitely beautiful granites) but there are also so many more materials that can take the place of what everyone thinks is the only countertop solution these days. Lets go through some other options!


This luxury stone is French limestone. Limestone is actually making its way into the home more frequently. Now, it isn’t for everyone. It is a very porous stone, so when wet, it dries very slowly (just like the pavement outside). It has a unique texture as well. There is a little grit to it which is always exciting to the touch. If a perfectly smooth and always spotless look is what you are going for, then this may not be the stone for you.

This kitchen that SKD Studios in Newport Beach, California Orange County we combined some countertops. We added this wood top accent with zebra wood. The shape and material add a great deal of depth and richness to this AMAZING kitchen. Wood tops are definitely something to go crazy about! 🙂

Concrete is also am AMAZING option when it comes to countertops. It can come in very free-form like-waves in the top countertop and they look SO GOOD! This rock-pitch edge detailing in the second concrete countertop is such a cool look that we at SKD Studios love to use when we get the chance. It is such a great detail that gives off a huge impact.
These are just a couple of the other options aside from the lovely granite. You could also choose quartz, metal, marble, and much more. Stay tuned to the blog to discover even more countertop-goodness! Be sure to check out our new studio soon in Newport Beach, California! Check out for all the SKD Studios latest!!!