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So Many times we meet clients that are ready to move forward with their kitchen remodel but just don’t know where to begin.  My first word of advice is HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!  Too many clients have horror stories from their friends and neighbors about a kitchen remodel gone bad.  The stories range from the contractor never showed up to the cabinets didn’t fit.  In most cases it boils down to planning.  When you hire a professional, be it an interior designer or even better, a kitchen designer, you are already ahead of the pack.  Working with an interior designer or kitchen designer doesn’t have to mean high dollars.  A designer’s job is to help you maximize space planning, aesthetics, form and function within your budget capacity.  A good designer will help you allocate your funds to create the space that you desire and will also let you know if your dreams versus reality are even possible.

As a designer, one of my biggest concerns is making sure that the clients needs versus wants find a happy medium.  As with all jobs, budget is always a struggle – it doesn’t matter how big or how small the budget is, we all seem to want more than the budget will allow.  It is my job to help my clients spend the money where it will make the biggest impact.  

A lot of clients are working with contractors or architects and think that is all they need.  However it has been my experience that architects/contractors are not designers.  While they may be the best at what they do, it does not mean it will translate into good design aesthetics. If you are planning a kitchen remodel an architect just won’t do.  They don’t know the ins and outs of kitchen design.  With a space this important hand the architectural drawings over to a kitchen designer and let them manage the details. Same goes for bathroom remodels, a contractor doesn’t supply the products so their knowledge is limited.  Let a professional designer, preferably one that specializes in kitchen and bath design take over.  Their vast knowledge of products and space planning will ensure you get the best bang for your buck.   

My clients will agree that spending money upfront for the services of an expert is a vital part of the process.  A designer is able to create an environment that will allow for the best use of the space and not just “replace cabinets” or “put color on the walls”.  The cost of a designer’s services can vary greatly from region to region however a good designer is worth their weight in gold.  My clients  find that my expertise and knowledge pays for itself during the first meeting when I am able to show them something never thought of.

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