SKD Studios Newport Beach Interior Design with Lacquer Paint

Lacquer Paint is AMAZING! That is what you all need to know. It adds the perfect touch to any room. Lacquer is fast drying, high (and we mean high) gloss, and extremely durable. There is also no need to recoat when using this paint. Lacquer paint hides nothing underneath. Therefore, it used correctly. It not, it will highlight all imperfections underneath the surface. You can use lacquer paint on anything just as long as you buff the surface underneath prior to coating on the beauteous paint!

Here are some jobs in which SKD Studios in Orange County has perfected the use of this amazing paint!

We even lacquered the ceiling!!! The entire tray is coated with a navy lacquer that is an eye catcher! We carried it over and did the closet door with the lacquer as well. It is quite the detail! It adds another layer of texture and ‘pop’ that turns a room into an amazing space!

Here, we made an accent wall with a bright turquoise! This beach house couldn’t be more fun! We did trim details all over, bead board for the ceiling, the most beautiful hardwood floor, etc. The lacquer paint on the wall blows this space out of the water! It is very reflective, and is hard not to look at because of how amazing it looks! We have more pictures of both of these beautiful home remodels on our website at and through our social media outlets! Come check more pictures of these out as well as several other works of art! 🙂