Orange County Kitchen Remodeler – What is a “custom” cabinet

Here in Newport Beach I am learning that every contractor is also a”custom” cabinet builder!  Where we started our studio on the East Coast, “custom” cabinet builders were few and far between.  That is with good reason.  At SKD Studios we sell several different cabinet lines that range from fully custom to stock.   For the best bang for your buck, the large manufacturer is hands down the best way to go.  These manufactures spend millions of dollars to perfect their finishing techniques.  They have the controlled environments to ensure that your cabinet finish is rock solid and will last a lifetime.  You just can’t get that from the small local shop.

Don’t get me wrong, the local shops have their place.  When it comes to a custom built in or a fireplace mantel, the local “custom” guy may be the way to go.  However, when it comes to your entire kitchen -go with the manufacturer that has been in business for over 80-100 years they have perfected their craft and their techniques.  Remember these manufacturers were once “local custom” guys too – they just moved on to the next level.

Stop by SKD Studios located at 3415 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach to check out our selection of custom, semi custom and stock cabinets and not only see the difference but feel it too!

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