SKD Studios Newport Beach Orange County California Countertops for the Savvy


SKD Studios in Newport Beach, CA Orange County is all about innovation! You want something fresh and new? Well we want you to have just that! Today, granite, marble, travertine, and quartz are leading the pack when it comes to countertops. We all know that someone is already after the new and the next. So, another exciting option is …. onyx! Onyx comes in several variations like the rest, but is definitely among the more rare stones from below the earths surface.

Onyx has a very unique attribute, it plays very well with light. If you put some light behind this stone, it shows off the most unique explosion of color and intrigue! Your eyes will be glued to the spectacle on display! One huge distributor of the stone is They have beautiful onyx that will stop any passerby dead in their tracks.

The glowing eye candy is visually impressive to say the least. Now it isn’t going to look as amazing without the proper surroundings either. SKD Studios Newport Beach Orange County can help put your design plan together to get that all taken care of though! No need to worry. We are here for you! And to make matters even better, it looks just as tantalizing without the light display. AAaaand it can be used for any surface. Creativity has no limits (especially at SKD Studios)!!!

This bathroom will have all the neighbors talking!!!! Want more? Come down to SKD Studios located near Irvine, Laguna Beach, and Newport Coast in Newport Beach, CA Orange County! We are ready to help you out!!!