SKD Studios Southern California Help YOU Discover Why You Should Hire A Designer! (at SKD Studios)

SKD Studios in Newport Beach California Orange County wants YOU to know that asking for help is completely okay, in fact, we prefer it! Whether you are lost, or feel like you know how to do it all yourself, it’s always smart to get the eye of a professional outsider to help pinpoint the vision to perfection!

There is a lot that goes into designing a space to greatness. Remodeling, color, fabric, accessories, texture, the list goes on and on. Having an outsider lay eyes on something will always spark up interesting ways to improve a space. A professional outsider will definitely make an amazing impact! We have had several clients showcase some AMAZING style that just needed some little tweaks to turn amazing style into a total knockout! Remember, it is also important to have the help come from someone who knows that they are doing, as well as someone you feel comfortable with. We take both of those into account for all projects.

We have a very unique dynamic at SKD Studios in Newport Beach and we want to share that with everyone when it comes to design! We are very educated, fun, and relaxed. We know exactly how to transform a space and explain every part of our decisions with the client. Our goal is to educate and inspire! You get much more than a design at SKD Studios.

We specialize in the show-stopping coastal design, but are well rounded in numerous styles that will please anyone’s design needs! And we are always down for challenge. That just brings the fun to a whole notha’ level. If you haven’t already, check out for more information on our studio and our completed projects. Our Facebook page ( will showcase SKD updates and bring you close with previous clients and how pleased they were with their designs! Also check out SKD Studios on and see our numerous projects displayed through the hit network.

We are ready for cosmetic interior facelifts, to full-on complete remodels. We do it all! You should come pop in to SKD Studios or give us a call so we can get you on the schedule and practically change your life for the better! 🙂